The 27 Ranch & Cattle Co. (27 Ranch) was founded in 2008 as a family owned farm and ranch dedicated to developing high-quality cattle, improving the land through stewardship, and helping the community by creating jobs in the agricultural industry. Since the purchase of the initial acreages in 2006, the vision was placed in the heart of owner/operator, Derek and Alyssa Sander’s, to build an equine competition center that will host weekly rodeo events, private rentals, youth equine education, and national seminars with world-renowned equine speakers and trainers. The ranch has expanded rapidly since 2006, specifically with the grounding breaking of the 130,000 sq. ft. arena and event center in October of 2015. The Riverbend Ranch would serve as a premier equine event center, hosting events on a weekly basis, and supporting the local community

Due to the growing demand for agriculturally based operations, the Riverbend Ranch will service Oklahoma’s need for a top-level equestrian event and education center. The local community of Inola, Oklahoma, will see the greatest impact and economic boost through this rural development, however, the family-friendly atmosphere of the arena will create a destination location for equestrian enthusiast from around the region to compete and learn more about their trade.