Arena, Rancher and Restaurant, Oh my!

Chow House - Restaurant - Inola, OKImagine. You need reservations for Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. for ten people. Somewhere that’s relaxed, yet a little upbeat. Maybe it’s your dad’s 60th birthday and you need a place that can accommodate your five-year-old niece who refuses to eat anything but French fries, and your cousin is begging for a meal a little on the swankier side. The Chow House at Riverbend Arena is one such a restaurant. The restaurant has a beautiful dining room with a view of the arena, and a world-class kitchen providing the highest quality food and beverages service. An Oklahoma Top Chef created the Chow House menu and it’s built around season, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients (when possible). The home-cooked and southern-styles meals will be prepared to perfection by our classically trained Executive Chefs. Surely, I’m not the only with my mouth watering reading this blog. The type of food at the Chow House is also called ‘comfort’ food, here in the south. Trust me, it’s comforting. So much time and preparation has gone into constructing the Chow House; nothing was overlooked and no corners cut. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable while the food is a combination of elegant and southern. With the menu priced reasonable, the sophisticated wait staff is professional and on the spot with suggestions based on your taste preferences. So, I know you’re dying to know when will the Chow House open? Well, I’m excited to tell you that it’s this October 2nd, 2015 @ 6pm. I am also excited to tell you that it’s not just going to be a normal grand opening. It’s going to be HUGE, a concert, free food, and rodeos. Want to know the line up? Well, follow us on Facebook for details. ☺