Name That Chicken…

Meet our newly adopted, I think she adopted us, hen. Isn’t she beautiful? In the end, what’s the point of having all of this space if we can’t have a chicken?

This little lady has quickly become a favorite of many of our regular visitors and staff. She loves to be held and pet (and fed). She loves to talk and she will NOT be ignored. Truly, she really wants your crouton. She makes sure to perch herself high or peck on the windows to the Riverbend Ranch Steakhouse during dinner service to remind you that she’s waiting! That’s it…she’s staying.

It’s long been a desire of our family to have chickens, I just didn’t realize that the chickens get to pick the time! Especially just one chicken! Nonetheless, she’s quickly becoming one of the family and we’re working on ways to make her comfortable. First things first, she really needs a name. We’ve all been arguing over the best name for this blessed chicken. It’s becoming a problem, I mean our kitchen staff is about to strike against our 6-year-old, the horses won’t eat, and the cows are threatening to jump over the moon. Can you please help us? Here’s the plan. We’re gonna let you have the final say. The cows have promised to reign it in just a bit and respect any decision you make. Won’t you please join in and help us find this pretty lady a suitable name. Just so you have all of the information, here’s our staff and family’s recommendations.

Derek – Marilyn R. (named after one his favorite hens)
Alyssa – Betty White
Wyatt – Frankie or Ogle
Charly – Hannah or Cluck
Rylee – Honey
Stephanie – Beverly
Jessie – Connie
Shane – Opal
Jennifer – Edna

Post your name idea in the comments on Facebook and we will put the top choices in a poll for you to vote and decide her final name. The winning name will received a very nice tab at the Riverbend Ranch Steakhouse and Bar.

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