Small Town Roots Bringing in the Cowboy Boots

Riverbend Arena - Inola, OK
Word has spread like a grass fire here in small town USA, Inola, Oklahoma. The 113,000 square foot Riverbend Arena is fully loaded with a phenomenal restaurant and gorgeous ballroom. Nestled on 700-acres, the arena is open to rodeo events, BMX rallies, concerts, charity runs, weddings and private events. You’re probably thinking the same thing I did. Yes, I did just say Inola, Oklahoma and yes I did just say 113,000 square foot arena. How will a small town take this on? Yeah, I thought that too. Then, I really thought about it, how wouldn’t it? Hospitality is a state of mind around in Inola. It’s not uncommon for an all-embracing stranger to welcome you with a “How are ya?” and a warm smile. When you live in Inola, no gestures are a waste and no profession is too big. The ‘home-town feel’ carries over into the atmosphere here at the arena. Our crew is all locals, including the Owner’s Derek and Alyssa Sanders, two genuinely, virtuous people. The compassion they have for their family is undoubtedly contagious and the Riverbend easily reflects just that. Derek and Alyssa could’ve simply chosen a different location for the arena, maybe a place where the population is over 1,200. But they chose home. They chose the people they knew that would support them, that would show up to the Riverbend and contribute their lifestyle. They chose ‘small-town business’ because they would rather make a big splash in a small pond, than a small splash in a big pond. The Sander’s are doing more than just bringing an arena to the area. They are bringing a passionate life-style into an industry that they know and love. Speaking of love, remember that phenomenal restaurant we were talking about? That’s going to be something that you love, trust me. More to come in next week’s blog.

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